OLG Lotto Max



We got the chance to work with Shed Creative Agency out in Toronto and MediaStyle out here in Ottawa on this real pickle of a challenge for OLG Lotto Max. The JUNO Award-winning band, METRIC was going to be playing a concert for a packed house of lucky Lotto Max DARE TO DREAM contest winners and we were going to help send them off with a one-of-a-kind keepsake: their own custom METRIC music video.


Everyone pulls their phone out at concerts and shoots a reasonable to sometimes unreasonable amount of footage of the band playing. What if you could upload that footage and have it edited with professional footage, METRIC’s music, and sent back to you in a shareable format (within 24 hours)? Great. How are we going to do that?


The solution was to develop a single page application in VueJS using the WordPress REST api to handle submissions. Wordpress offers most of the functionality that we needed right out of the box ( authentication / user roles / admin panel ), so despite this being a handful of static pages, it was the way to go. On top of that we built a plugin for the campaign admins to vet user submissions before pushing them through to a third-party video mashup app.


The Work


Hell yeah, it worked. And we’re going to build on the experience of building it to make new and more adventurous solutions for music and entertainment campaigns. Thanks Shed and MediaStyle for this one!