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Last Gang Records is a record label owned by the Canadian music industry giant, Chris Taylor. When a mutual contact put us in touch Last Gang was running an online store on Shopify in conjunction with three separate Wordpress sites. We saw the opportunity right away to create the ultimate record label site. A site that serves up a treasure trove of artist content while seamlessly integrating an e-commerce component for both digital and hard goods (especially vinyl records).


The Last Gang brand was already a beautifully crafted brand to work with. Clean, stylish but still aggressive. Beautiful photography of every artist didn’t hurt either. It was this combination of aggressive style and vibrant imagery that inspired a gallery-style approach to every page. We wanted the site to look and feel like an art book. Something that, even if you hadn’t discovered the artists yet, you could lose yourself in browsing.


Square imagery has become a familiar composition in social media and lent itself well to a highly visual site that would need to adapt to mobile devices without losing that visual, photographic impact.

Web Design


White, black and a shock of pink. Massive Helvetica titles on everything. This was the natural progression from their existing web presence but also performed double duty of representing the brand feel and making the site exceptionally usable.

Web Design


This website is actually two websites: one built on Wordpress and the other on Shopify. They work together in ways we hadn’t done before. A big goal of ours was to promote cross-platform navigation. Features like having the products from the Shopify side feed into the artist pages on Wordpress are examples of our success meeting this goal.

The Work

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“ Fancy Boys took the time to work closely with our team and provide us with a custom website made up of all of the tools we need to promote Last Gang online ”

Chris Taylor

Founder/Owner, Last Gang Entertainment


Last Gang Records are a tight group of fantastic people. From the early days of being the first label to use our proprietary band-website platform to the exciting conversations about next projects, working together has been a great trip and continues to be so.