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For over 40 years, The JUNO Awards have honoured Canadian musicians every year in genres of music across numerous (currently 41) award categories. Administered by The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) the JUNO Awards has turned into a week-long event, moving year to year through cities across Canada and culminates in a national broadcast, attracting millions of viewers across the country.


In our first meetings with the CARAS staff it became clear that we had the opportunity to make something big. The JUNO Awards website at the time was a simple, blog-style Wordpress website but had a treasure trove of fantastic Canadian music industry content. Our goal became to bring as much of this to the surface in a visual format that helped tell the story of the Junos.


We wanted to capture the excitement and anticipation of the messaging leading up to the event and provide a layout where multiple messages could be presented. We also wanted the home page to quick, intuitive access to recent blog posts and nominee info. Canadian music fans come in all shapes and we wanted to suit all levels of interest and knowledge of the industry.


The design is meant to be flexible enough to allow for new branding every year (without an overhaul of the website) while still being minimal enough to allow the content to stand out and lead visitors of the site to what interests them most.

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Arguably the most interesting aspects of the JUNOS are the nominees and winners and another goal of this design was to create a very easily navigable and visual experience when browsing the nominees. Award categories on the nominees page randomly pull a nominee photo as a clickable link to expand a drawer of all nominees.

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Web Design
Web Design

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Being music fans, working with CARAS has been an honour for us. We’re looking forward to supporting the JUNO Awards, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and all CARAS-managed properties for years to come. See you in Ottawa in 2017!

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