Cooper Cole Gallery




Cooper Cole is not a Toronto art gallery. Cooper Cole is an art gallery in Toronto.

Founded in 2008 by Simon Cole, the Cooper Cole Gallery is a captivating, minimalist gallery space. The curation of international artists (some of which have never shown in Canada) make the Cooper Cole a destination for intriguing and inspiring art from home and beyond. We probably would have just taken this project for the photos of the artwork.


The gallery is a beautiful, unique space in the burgeoning, North-Toronto art community. We wanted to recreate the same minimalist feel and replicate the asymmetry of the space. The art is bold and challenging and we wanted the browsing experience to complement that without receding from it. The UI is at times light and invisible and at times surprisingly loud and heavy.

The Work

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This project was one of the smaller sites we’ve built in the last few years but it was one of the most satisfying. There’s a push and pull that’s required to create a user experience that feels like the unobtrusive, white backdrop of a gallery while making sure the voice of the gallery/curator is always present/felt. Working with Simon Cole on his particular, exacting vision was a bonafide treat for us.