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After having worked with The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (CARAS) already on the JUNO Awards website, we were excited for another chance to build something with the team there. The Canadian Music Hall of Fame was essentially a list of recipients of a lifetime achievement-type JUNO Award (winning the award coincides with induction into the hall of fame). CARAS saw an opportunity to make the website into something bigger than a list and truly honour the legendary musicians within.


The initial creative direction was to make something that felt like touring an actual museum-style hall of fame. The website should have a sense of reverence and prestige to it; in lieu of an actual brick and mortar building. CARAS also provided another critical piece of inspiration when they said “we want this to be were kids would go if they were doing a school project on say, Shania Twain.”


The inductee pages each act as a snapshot of the artist’s career. The goal was to pull different types content from various sources and piece it together as a cohesive layout. Quick facts, videos and photos make a unique presentation for each artist despite being templated and easily replicable. Those same pieces of content also randomly present themselves on the Discover page - another fantastic CARAS idea. The Discover page offers up a fun, random springboard to the inductee content.

The Work

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When we first started the project we noted that the Canadian Music Hall of Fame hadn’t settled on usage of their existing brand. We saw the opportunity with the new site launch to propose a brand icon that represented the spotlight CARAS shines on Canadian artists who in turn, shine a bright light on Canada overall. The resulting logo is a favourite of ours and we’re honoured that it’s a part of Canadian music history.