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A lot had changed in the time since Brandon Flowers had recorded his last album (2010’s Flamingo). The older and seasoned Killers frontman had a new sound and over on the internet, band websites had become something of a curiosity. What purpose does a band or artist’s website serve in the hyper-current world of to-the-minute (and sometimes literally live) social content?


Our approach with this website was to start by asking what could Brandon Flowers offer on his site that wasn’t already all over Google and social media. The answer was unexpected: he could offer less. Social platforms will always outdo artist sites with their sheer wealth of content, but what an artist website can do is strip away the noise and deliver only specific content relevant to their new material. An artist can create a pure browsing experience that supports the brand-feel of their latest release.


The site features lush, handsome photos of Brandon Flowers with a restrained curation of content on all devices. The layout promotes a linear, scrolling browsing experience (like familiar social feeds) but also includes a shortcut that condenses all the posts in an easily scrollable format.


This website is a Wordpress site but only as far as the client is concerned. Wordpress acts as a dashboard for the client to upload content but it actually creates an API feed that sends the content to the site (actually an Angular JS web application). This allows for the large amounts of content to load before the pages are accessed and creates a snappy, app-like user experience.

The Work

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"Martin and his team took the time to thoughtfully determine what we needed in a website and ensure that it presented well amongst everything we were doing."

Brandon Flowers


This is our second website for (and for members of) The Killers. The band was one of our first clients and honours us by calling us first when anyone in the family needs web design and development.