Beau's All Natural Brewing Company



This was our second website for Beau’s and it hadn’t come too long after the first one, but in that short time between sites, Beau’s had grown from a local favourite brand to a national craft-beer brand and industry leader. They needed a website that reflected the breadth of their products and cultural impact.


One of the things that drew us (and many others) to Beau’s is the painstaking design aesthetic. As much love goes into the design as the beer recipes. This is thanks in large part to Jordan Bamforth (the brewery’s in-house creative director) who would become the guiding voice on the web design. Working so closely with a designer we admired so much made this equal parts thrilling and terrifying.


Beau’s spoils us with content. It’s impossible to make their labels look bad but they also employ a tight group of talent for videos, photography and animations. Our goal was to get out of the way and put the content up front, big and bold. The biggest challenge was to build on the new brand. Despite the detailed illustrations and packaging, the Beau’s branding sticks to an almost austere set of guidelines. We knew we would have to grow that to build a complete UI within the brand - an intimidating and thrilling challenge.

Web Design


One of our favourite features we added to this site is the Beau’s Beerfinder. Thanks to an enormous database of suppliers (LCBOs, Beer Stores, pubs etc) and some handy communication between a Google Map and the Beau’s ERP, you can now enter your address and find a wealth of options nearby to quench your thirst.

Pint Finder Laptop

The Work

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"Fancy Boys works so well with our team it’s hard to know where we end and they begin.”

Steve Beauchesne



Beau’s was one of our first big clients and we always like to say that we grew from an agency that would have Beau’s as a client (what they were back then) to an agency that would have Beau’s as a client (what they are now). It’s always fun and it’s always an honour to be part of the family.