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You’ve seen the work of 2ii (pronounced “two eyes”) at the perfume counter, at DAVIDsTEA, maybe at your favourite wine and spirits vendor. Their job is to make the brands of their clients jump off the shelf using cutting edge, innovative packaging design. This shared set of priorities made working with 2ii an exciting, educational process - and not just about boxes.


The 2ii website presented a new challenge for us; since the packaging was such a significant component to their respective products’ brands, how could we make the 2ii brand stand out above the rest? Very early on, we set rules for the use of colour on the website. By using blocks of spot colours from the packaging examples we could tie them into the overall website UI - promoting the portfolio of work as a whole.


Another unifying strength in 2ii’s work is the visual impact of their complex, three-dimensional work examples. We layered the project images outside the grid and used parallax effects to make the packaging pieces jump out in contrast to the more linear grid of the 2ii’s brand.


The Work

Visit the website at 2iiinc.com


Every designer, at some level wants to design packaging. The ability to hold a pure combination of brand and functionality in your hands always seems more magical than the two-dimensional layouts that make the bulk of many design careers. 2ii was a window into that magic for us and being able to showcase their consistent work for household brand-names was (pardon the pun) eye-opening and enlightening for us.